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Box Office - 'Kick-Ass' Barely Wins Final Tally

Just like last weekend, the box office showdown gained a little more clarity on Monday, when the final receipts were counted. And Kick-Ass won, so a golf clap for Kick-Ass.

That still doesn't hide the fact that the movie made about 30% less than analysts predicted, and the only reason why is because fewer people wanted to see Kick-Ass. Some weekends, a movie will have a fantastic second frame and bite a new release on the ass. Sometimes, another new release has an unpredictably strong start and knocks a presumed top finisher of its perch.

Neither of those is the case here; How to Train Your Dragon only made a couple million more than people thought it would, which isn't surprising anyway, because its holds have been excellent. And Death at a Funeral opened lower than projections, too. So the only solution is that the presumed audience for Kick-Ass was greatly exaggerated.

Lionsgate doesn't usually put as much into a release as we saw for Kick-Ass, and it turns out to have not been worth it to this point. There's still a chance Kick-Ass does what Dragon is doing and doesn't shed its audience at a typical rate. But a movie that looked like it was headed for $75 - $80 million domestic probably won't get much higher than $60 million. That's a big difference.

Here's the revised, finalized top five:

1 - Kick-Ass ($19.8 million)
2 - How to Train Your Dragon ($19.6 million)
3 - Date Night ($16.7 million)
4 - Death at a Funeral ($16.2 million)
5 - Clash of the Titans ($15.5 million)

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I contributed my $10 to the Kick Ass cause! I feel proud & it was well deserved!

Monday, April 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSEAN

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