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Summit Buys 'Men Are From Mars' Movie, TV Rights

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. From my two semesters of high school biology, I don't think that's accurate. Regardless, the book was wildly successful, especially among people who also wonder aloud about the identity of who moved their cheese. And now, it's becoming a movie.

Summit Entertainment - the house that Twilight built - has picked up film and television rights to the book, and obviously, it will have to be redrawn to work as a movie. Most likely, that means a romantic comedy, and for added effect, it should maybe take the form of Valentine's Day. With that title to draw audiences, finding a cast shouldn't be difficult at all.

In a statement detailing the agreement, producers Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun called the John Gray book "the Rosetta Stone for understanding the opposite sex," adding, "While men and women may never truly speak the same language, we're thrilled to explore their perpetually hilarious, painful and romantic conflicts on the big screen."

Gee, "perpetually hilarious" won't be hard to live up to, at all, particularly in the mostly moribund romantic comedy genre. You can tell it's dead precisely because studios are growing afraid of single storylines in favor of these massive ensemble movies.

Don't underestimate the TV property, either. I think that's where this could have the longest life. Again, you could have a built-in audience when it starts, and that might attract some cast members that wouldn't be part of the film, which is expected to be the first item on the agenda.

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