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Denzel Up for 'The Equalizer' Movie Adaptation?

Over the summer, I wrote about a big screen adaptation of The Equalizer that was headed our way with Russell Crowe attached to star and a script coming from writer/director Paul Haggis (Crash).  However, now the tables have turned and according to Coming Soon, Crowe has been replaced by Denzel Washington and Haggis is out too.  A recent press release from Sony Pictures shows that Denzel is being pursued to star in the Equalizer project with Richard Wenk (16 Blocks, The Mechanic) writing the script.

The same press release indicated a Masters of the Universe remake is also in the works, along with a new Jason Segel comedy called Sex Tape.  But, that's neither here nor there.

I can remember as a kid The Equalizer (1985) being one of my favorite shows, because it fit the mold of a lot of my other favorite series at the time The A-TeamMiami Vice and Spenser: For Hire.  The Equalizer starred the late Edward Woodward as a detective for hire who would help even the score for victims in trouble.  He sometimes had to get his hands a little more dirty than usual, if you catch my drift.  As you can see the premise was very similar to what went down on the A-Team and Spenser: For Hire.

I'm psyched for this adaptation, and like Denzel for the lead role much more than Russell Crowe.  Crowe would have worked, but Denzel is so much fun to watch in a tough guy role/detective role.  I think Denzel's upcoming performance in the action flick Safe House (February 10, 2012) will get me even more pumped up for The Equalizer, if he in fact joins the project.      




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I've always thought if they could do this and draw more from a more realistic scenario it would be cool. The 80's version - which I loved - drew from James Bond, cold war spy fiction cliches and a British series from the 60's called "Callan" - which had the same premise as "The Equalizer" and ALSO starred Edward Woodward. Looking at the trailers for "Safehouse" it looks almost as if Washington's character could BE Robert McCall, just in a situation that puts him on the bad guy side. Plus they've got a more "Bourne" style of action they'll probably emulate for this new version of the 80's show as well.. The key would be the premise of the whole thing. Would it follow him helping one "client" or doing a few things at once? Plus his "control officer" getting him involved in something, taking advantage of the fact that he's "off the books" and he utilizes these characters from his old "network". Washington could very well work as an American CIA version of Robert McCall and I look forward to how that might develop.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJ.Bradley

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