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Sally Potter’s 60s Era Flick ‘Bomb’ Adds Christina Hendricks  

Director Sally Potter (Orlando) is rounding out the cast for her 60s anti-nuke flick and has tabbed American bombshell, Christina Hendricks to join the production.  According to The Daily Mail, Hendricks will be joining Elle Fanning (Super 8), Alice Englert, and Alessandro Nivola (Inventing the Abbotts) when filming begins in February.  Annette Bening is rumored for a part as well.

Bomb seems to be appropriately titled as the film takes place in 1960s London during the height of the anti-war movement and the sexual revolution.

Fanning is to star as Ginger, the brainier one of the two girls, while Englert is signed on to play boy-crazy Rosa.  Nivola will play a writer who has an affair with his teenage daughter’s best friend.  The exact role for Hendricks’ character hasn’t been revealed at this time.

When we think of the 60s, we usually think of great music, anti-war protests, psychedelic drugs, and Christina Hendricks.  Even though the increasingly popular Hendricks wasn’t born until midway through the 70s, the fans of Mad Men (a.k.a. the best show on television) will argue that office manager Joan Harris has to be considered one of the true icons of the funky 60s decade. 

Why not, isn’t revisionist history all the rage?

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