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The Biggest WTF Story of the Year: Nicolas Cage Gets 'Left Behind'

Nicolas Cage's well published financial problems mean that he takes pretty much any job that's offered to him, and this has resulted in one of the strangest careers of any actor with his accolades.  None of the good parts of his acting career will ever overshadow the glorious insanity that was The Wicker Man.  If Variety is to be believed, though, we haven't seen the craziest part of it yet: Cage will now star in a remake of the Christian apocalypse story Left Behind.

Left Behind, for those who don't know much about it is based on a fringe Christian end-of-the-world theory known as the pre-tribulation rapture: The belief that god will call up all of the true believers into heaven while the rest of the heathen world will have to endure the disasters of the end of the world.  The best-selling book series was turned into a trilogy of miserably bad low-budget films starring child-star-turned-evangelist Kirk Cameron.

There's been talk of a remake for years now, but I (along with all sane people) had assumed it would just be another shoestring budget affair.  Nobody could ever predict that they would get the Oscar-winning star of Adaptation to headline it.  I'm still not convinced this isn't some kind of elaborate prank.  I'll say this though: if this comes to fruition, I will be seeing the new Left Behind film.  Oh crap, that's what the filmmakers are going for, isn't it?

Reader Comments (2)

This is hardly a "fringe" Christian belief. Most mainstream churches believe this is how it will play out.

Not saying it will, but before you call something "fringe" you might want to do some homework.

Just sayin.

Sunday, October 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRodney

I figure it's just to get a "major" star involved so somebody will throw money their way. If they were making a version of Tom Perrotta's "The Leftovers" - that might be more intriguing. Wait and see how "The Host" does and with "The Walking Dead" on tv as well as "Revolution" the idea of "before history/after history" is valid in this political climate that feels like it's on that very cusp.

Monday, October 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJ.Bradley

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