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Christopher McQuarrie Chooses to Accept 'Mission: Impossible 5'

For all of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol's narrative flaws, it was one hell of a ride.  And in my book, that made it a worthy action movie, though you'll never hear me saying it should have won an Oscar.  The $700 million box-office intake pretty much guarenteed that we would see a fifth, but news that director Brad Bird wouldn't be returning to the franchise had everyone wondering who would take the reigns as director.  Now, Deadline is reporting that the next director is likely Christopher McQuarrie.

You've probably never heard of Christopher McQuarrie, and that's because his first major directorial role in a film is Jack Reacher, a film that also stars Tom Cruise but hasn't come out yet.  He's worked as a writer on a number of different films from The Usual Suspects to The Wolverine, so he'll likely help write the film as well. 

Do any of our readers want to see a Mission Impossible 5?

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