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J.J. "Santa" Abrams Giving Us 9 Minutes of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' in IMAX Dec 14th...BOOM

For some, all they want for Christmas is their two front teeth.  For others, they may want to get a glimpse at Star Trek into Darkness.  Well, if you’re in the latter category, you ship has come in (and for the formers, I apologize I don’t have better news).  So get excited people, on Dec 14th, me, you and everyone we know will be able to see the first 9 minutes of J. J. Abrams hugely anticipated sequel in select IMAX theatres, in 3D, right before The Hobbit…awesome sauce.

 Prior to 2009’s Star Trek movie, anything Star Trek related I just wasn’t into, despite the best efforts by my Mom, who always tried to rope me into Star Trek marathons that were showing on TV.  But J.J. Abrams movie was pretty sweet and fun, which is something I always felt the original movies were lacking.  And the performances and casting were all aces (with a special shout out to Karl Urban as Bones).  So I’m excited to see what J.J. and company offer up in the sequel…that may or may not feature Khan….KHAN!

With all that being said, if you were excited about seeing the Hobbit, this news just might be the cherry on top.  But this won’t be happening in every IMAX theatre showing The Hobbit though.  It will only be shown in 500 theatres.   Don't fret, since there aren’t a ton of IMAX theatres (yet) if you live in a town with an IMAX, chances are pretty good you’ll get to see the Star Trek footage. 

Now onto more important things like who will be directing the new Star Wars movie..hmm…

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