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Jamie Foxx to Don Electro's Green Spandex?

Whether you like The Amazing Spider-Man or not, you can't deny that it was accepted by the public, despite it being a premature reboot done for purely cynical studio reasons.  Now, as they work on the sequel, the question arises: Who will Spider-Man fight next? Norman & Harry Osbourne are already set to be in, but the Green Goblin won't be the main villain just yet. The next announced villain is Electro, and early reports had Jamie Foxx reported as the choice to play him.  But how true is that?

When talking to Access Hollywood, Foxx said,

Fingers crossed it all works out...I have a little daughter, four years old, and what’s crazy is like, this past year she had a birthday where Spider-Man was the theme... I haven’t sprung it on her yet, but she will go crazy!

So, this is one early casting report that looks like it could turn out to be true, and it would be a good push for the film. Electro isn't actually the most...respectable Spider-Man villain (to be fair, all of the best ones were used up in Raimi's films), and a respected actor like Foxx would help make the silliness easier for the audience to accept.  Heck, at least they aren't trying to incorporate 8-Ball into the film (see below).

Not Pictured: Marvel's Dignity

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