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Bullock & McCarthy Get Their 'Tango & Cash On in New Trailer for 'The Heat'

Ahh, the buddy cop movie; taking two seemingly opposites, make them partners and watch them not only solve the crime, but realize A) they’re not so different and B) they learn something new about themselves.  It’s a tradition that’s as old as the underdog story.  Well there’s a new buddy cop movie on the horizon, but with a twist.   It’s called The Heat and this one stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy…OH SNAP…it just got real in here.  And guess what, we have a trailer.  Let the deconstruction of the genre begin…now.

Can you guess which is the uptight, by the books cop and the goes by her instinct cop?  That shouldn’t be hard to figure out, but while the trailer does have a few chuckles, I would’ve like to seen Bullock and McCarthy switch roles.  I think that would’ve been funnier to see.  Paul Feig, the guy who directed Bridemaids, is behind the camera on this one.  But this movie will live or die based solely on the strength and chemistry of its two leads. 

The Heat comes out on April 5th and is going up against the Gerald Butler "Die Hard in the White House" movie Olympus Has FallenThe Heat then should serve as good counter programming and given that April is a slower month until the big summer movies hit, this could make some good money.   It won’t make Bridemaids money, but $100 million isn’t out of the question.  And I have to say, this one looks way better than that other McCarthy movie coming out next year,  Identity Thief.

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