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Stewart in, Director Dumped for 'Huntsman' Sequel

The whole Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders fling on the Snow White and the Huntsman set has taken a backseat to the successful opening of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 last weekend.  I think everyone and their brother assumed either or both would get the boot from the sequel, leading to a Huntsman only follow-up.  However, word is today that only Sanders is on the chopping block.  This news puts the rumors of Stewart being ousted as Snow White to rest for good, hopefully.

Stewart is still most definitely signed on for the sequel, despite all the bad press that was pinned to her after the infidelity.  Luckily, as a movie news bloh we're not concerned with whether Rob Pattinson takes her back or not, just the ramifications on the sequel.  Radar Online claims Sanders bagged the sequel "because he is desperately still trying to save his marriage."

Surprisingly, nothing from this tabloid producing drama burned the bridge between the studio and the director and star.  For Sanders life goes on with regards to helming other new movies, and production on the sequel is projected to start later next year. 

Having just sat through Snow White and the Huntsman (it had some good moments) on NetFlix, it feels necessary to bring the titular female lead back for obvious reasons, though Chris Hemsworth absolutely stole the show.  Charlize Theron and the star-studded Seven Dwarves weren't too shabby either.  Maybe I'll appreciate Stewart more in the next film, when I check it out on Blu-ray.

Since, this news just dropped today it may be a while before a new director is found to take the reins.  Any ideas?

Reader Comments (1)

This could be evidence this "affair" was not just some publicity being generated as an infusion for Twilight's flushing legions - either to bring more attention to the final episode of the continuing sto-ry or to break the trance that the lovey-dovey couple was ACTUALLY a lovey-dovey couple... which I didn't believe. I don't think a few-time director would be publicity-desperate enough to wreck his marriage and publicly put it back together - though more desperate things HAVE been done for attention in the biz. So then, maybe the Stewart/Pattison thing was indeed as bitten off-screen as on - a surprise to disbelievers like me anyway. I still liked this year's Snow White movie in a year of sequels, remakes and comic books it was great to see a new interpretation of a more timeless story. I think though, for the follow-up - which will be ANOTHER sequel in a few years - if you see that next movie being called something like "The Huntsman: A Tale of Snow White" you'll know that at any rate Stewart takes a back seat until she's gone from that franchise - if they make any more of them to really be considered one.

Monday, November 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJ.Bradley

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