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'Only God Forgives' Pulverizes Gosling in New Poster

Hey girl, you'd love me no matter what I looked like, right?The poster for Ryan Gosling's new project with Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn is out and the ever so dreamy leading man has definitely seen better days.  The upcoming Only God Forgives marks Gosling and Refn's second collaboration, following 2011's phenomenal Drive.  The film centers around the story of a Thai boxing club owner running from the police who over the course of the story encounters extreme violence.  Gosling plays an American gangster looking to expand the family business into the boxing world. 

As you can see, Gosling will definitely be on the receiving end of some of said violence.  Can you imagine the fight that left that kind of aftermath on that beautiful mug?

Fans of Drive know that Refn is no stranger to brutality and the director also brought us Bronson, the fantastic bare-knuckle boxing feature that helped to launch Tom Hardy into the stratosphere.

Currently the movie is supposed to come out on March 23, 2013 so it shouldn't be too long of a wait for another bout of extreme Gosling ultraviolence.

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