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Bippity Boppity Boo! Blanchett is Evil Stepmother in New 'Cinderella'?

People will soon see Cate Blanchett turn up again as Galadriel, this time in The Hobbit.  However, those of us wanting the talented actress to take on another villainess role may soon get our wish.  Disney (masters of the universe) are currently wooing Blanchett for their evil stepmother role in the new, live-action Cinderella project, which has been residing in development hell the last two years.

Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo) will direct from a re-written script by About a Boy writer/director Chris Weitz.  This role of Lady Tremaine (evil stepmother) is a custom fit for Blanchett.  I can picture her already as the malicious stepmother stroking her equally mean-spirited cat, Lucifer, as she orders Cinderella to do all the housework.  She could bring a subtly wicked presence to this character, and not be way over the top like Charlize Theron was in Snow White and the Huntsman.

She could simply tap into her past performance in the underrated action film Hanna as a resource of just how much evil would work for Cinderella.  Not over doing it, but still blowing our minds.   

Disney and other studios are obviously driven to put more fairy tale re-telling films together, and I sincerely hope this version of Cinderella is better than all the similar reboots we've seen lately.  It'll be fun to see who else they cast in this film as the titular character and the spoiled stepsisters.

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