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MacFarlane Says 'Family Guy' Movie Coming? Giggity!

Will Family Guy fans finally get to see Peter, Lois, Brian, Stewie, Chris and Meg Griffin on the big screen, along with endless 80's pop culture references?  Seth MacFarlane, the brains behind Family Guy and Ted, recently confirmed a movie isn't a question of if, but when.  The future Oscar host has a lot on his plate, though he did touch on the subject while at UCLA for an episode of mtvU and during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

It’s just a matter of when,” MacFarlane said. “It’s hard to do that while you have the series going on at the same time; I think that’s why it took The Simpsons 20 seasons to figure out how to do it."

It definitely sounds like any plans for a Family Guy movie couldn't be accomplished on TV (i.e. too much swearing and toilet humor).  

"We do know what the Family Guy movie will be. The Simpsons movie, I thought, was hilarious, but the one criticism I would have is that it’s a story they probably could’ve done on TV. There could’ve been an episode that had that plotline,” he said. “That’s the challenge with animation. You pretty much can do any story you want, so what is the reason for the movie? We finally hit on the answer to that question, and it will be something that would be impossible to do on TV."

Now that gets me excited, knowing they already have an idea in place for it.  Really makes it seem like a movie project is closer to fruition.  There was a straight to DVD Family Guy movie, and while it was hilarious, going to the theater would be more fun and entertaining.  

Having recently watched Ted, I can say I'm ready to see Family Guy and all of its awesome characters (Herbert the Pervert, Tom Tucker, Quagmire, etc.) for more than just a 30-minute episode.  Ted had its moments, but there's nothing quite as funny as seeing Peter and the gang poke fun at the Star Wars trilogy and many other taboo subjects that other shows wouldn't dare touch.

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