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Things Look Bad For Tony in Four New 'Iron Man 3' Screenshots 

I'm real curious to see how the box-office returns are Iron Man 3The Avengers brought the Marvel Universe to an untold number of movie fans, and I'm real curious to see if that new fanbase translates into higher numbers.  After an amazing teaser, I know that I'm hanging on every detail they release, especially to see Ben Kingsley's turn as the villain.  And, from the looks of these newly released screenshots, he knows how to rock Stark's world.

Tony doesn't look too happy in the second photo.  We get a clear look at scientist Maya Hensen, played by Rebecca Hall.  And, of course, we get another look at the so-called Iron Patriot armor, allegedly worn by James Rhodes/War Machine.  Let's hope that Marvel is able to kick off their second phase with a hit!

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