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Vaughn Won't Be Directing New 'Star Wars'? No, That's Impossible!

Was this seat not meant for me?

More Star Wars directorial news is here to ruffle your feathers today, as one seemingly shoe-in filmmaker is tossed out of the mix.  Whether Brad Bird, Matthew Vaughn, Steven Spielberg or Joe Johnston is your guy to helm Episode VII, we can reportedly cross Vaughn's name off of the list.  This news comes from a very reliable source and Vaughn friend Mark Millar, who says the X-Men: First Class director passed on Days of Future Past in favor of another movie, not named Star Wars.

According to Millar, Vaughn dropped X-Men to get cracking on another comic book turned movie Secret Service.  And Millar should know the film is based on one of his comics.

We thought Matthew was going to do 'X-Men' first, but we found out there were actually a few imitators of 'Secret Service' in the works," he explained. "So Matthew and I said, 'We're not letting anyone steal our ideas.'"

Unfortunately, this is news that should have been brought to our attention Monday.  You guys could've saved us and other movie blogs an article.  Oh well...moving on.

Now we can turn our focus back on the other directors who could possibly make a third great trilogy of Star Wars movies.  Another rumor has popped out of the woodwork via CeleBuzz claiming George Lucas likes the film Safety Not Guaranteed so much that Colin Trevorrow would top his list to direct Episode VII.  Word has it the two even met several times to discuss the project, before Lucas sold everything to Disney.

So is it now Disney's decision who directs Star Wars?  Most likely, though I could see them turning to Lucas as a creative consultant of some kind, similar to Millar's role with Marvel Studios.

I wouldn't have minded Vaughn for it, but haven't really thought about it as much as some of the more "passionate" fans.  If it was realistic, I guess Joss Whedon would probably receive my endorsement, after his awesome work with Firefly.  It will be very interesting to see if this Trevorrow rumor has legs to it, or if any fan directorial choice will win the gig of a lifetime in the end.  It's an exciting process to follow...

May the force be with the studio as they search for the right filmmaker!

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