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New 'Star Trek' Screen Shot Hints Who The Villain Really Is?

I'm still standing by my previous assertions that the villain of Star Trek Into Darkness, played by Benedict Cumberbatch is not Khan, and I think the evidence so far has supported me on this.  Yeah, it may seem nerdy and sad that I'm speculating on this when I'm probably just going to find out who it is in the next preview, but heck.  You're the one who came to a movie website.  A new screenshot for the film has been released, and it might hint that the villain is the character Gary Mitchell.  He's the telekenetic menace from the original series.

We get a shot of the villain in force-field powered cell, and it reminded me of a similar scene from the Star Trek episode Where No Man Has Gone Before:

That's Gary Mitchell in a similar prison, the only thing that can contain someone as powerful as him.  Okay, okay, this doesn't definitively prove anything, especially when we're talking about depicting a villain in captivity, but it fits in.  If the writers for Into Darkness looked at the original episode for inspiration, it only makes sense that they would put in little call-backs, and this could very well be one of them.

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