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'Underworld' Director Explains What to Expect with 'Mummy' Reboot

Len Wiseman a.k.a Mr. Kate Beckinsale resurrected Total Recall for a new, yet less than stellar movie and will soon do the same with a Mummy reboot.  The Underworld franchise director discussed his game plan for the new project with Movieweb, while making the rounds promoting the Total Recall Blu-ray release.  Needless to say, he has an interesting twist in mind, which will be very different from Brendan Fraser's Mummy movie experience.

Wiseman was also quick to shoot down remake talk about his film.

"It is a modern day take. It doesn't have anything to do with the Brendan Fraser films, and it is not a remake of any kind," he said. "The Mummy is one of Universal's long standing, iconic characters, well before the Brendan Fraser movies. This is such a different thing."

So a modern tale?  That could work.  He also plans to make this film lean closer to the horror genre this time out.

He continued by saying, "There is still a script to be written, but the pitch was to go with a much different tone. It was a Mummy like I'd never heard of before. It's nothing like what you would expect. I was picturing Egypt and the sand swept settings. The mummy wrappings. When I heard what they were wanting to actually do with it, it was shocking. It's horror. It's epic. It's more of a modern day version of what would happen if we came across a mummy in our world today. It is pretty fascinating."

It's been almost five years since a movie Mummy appeared on the big screen, and in Hollywood movie making years that's more like 100.  Time for a reboot!  

Mummy present day?  Check.  It will be a horror film?  Check.  Len Wiseman directing?  Check.  Kate Beckinsale starring?  That's a no brainer.

Reader Comments (1)

Well, in a way, the Mummy IS the first movie zombie. So I could see them making it fit within that movie trend plus adding the kind of stylized action Wiseman is known for.
I just want to know if we'll have Kate Beckinsale wrapped up tight in bandages.

Sunday, December 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJ.Bradley

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