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New 'Star Trek' Trailer Hints at Major Darkness Ahead...

It may be about as clear as mud with regards to who Benedict Cumberbatch's villain in Star Trek Into Darkness will be.  Fortunately, that didn't stop a full trailer for the anticipated Trek sequel from arriving online today in a major way.  Maybe the top die hard Trekkies will pick out the Wrath of Khan related bits from the new trailer, but those are hardily the highlight of it.  

This first full scale look Into Darkness let's us know just what the darkness is all about: Kirk's responsibility, both good and deadily as Enterprise captain, and why family plays a vital role in John Harrison's mission to destroy starfleet.  The latter being the reason some believe Cumberbatch is Khan.  Check out that speculation from Cinema Blend here.  

Either way, some well-crafted narration from Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) kickstarts the trailer, shedding light on the darkness that lays ahead for an arrogant Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and how it will change him and the crew forever.  This tees it up nicely for a more menancing narration from Cumberbatch, and sparks the Wrath of Khan speculation (that I don't want to get into, AGAIN).

May 17th can't come up soon enough!  Check out the trailer...

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