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Ricky Gervais Supplants Jason Segel in 'Muppets' Sequel?

Are you having a laugh?

Jason Segel played (he also co-wrote the script) a funny human role alongside Jim Henson's lovable Muppets in their triumphant return to movie theaters in 2011.  The Muppets are set to travel nternationally for the sequel, and a new group of lead headliners have been pursued.  Christoph Waltz was in the mix and has since been replaced by Modern Family's Ty Burrell.  Now there's word Ricky Gervais will sign on the dotted line for the next non-puppet lead in the film, according to THR.

Burrell has been cast as the evil/lazy Interpol officer, previously held by Waltz.  It's not clear which role Disney has in mind for Gervais, though one would have to believe it will be prominent.  The expectation is it will be similar to Segel's the first time around.

To me, Gervais is perfect for the internationally based extravaganza, and I've wanted to seem more movie projects come from the gifted writer/comedian.  It's been too long since he starred in the underrated comedy Ghost Town, as well as The Invention of Lying.  Of course, he's had a great run with his other small screen ventures (The Rick Gervais Show, Extras) too.

The Muppets 2 is scheduled to arrive some time in 2013, and the belief is that they want three human leads attached.  Two down, one to go...

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