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Chad Michael Murray May Be 'Left Behind' with Nicolas Cage

And he wants you to join him.

For a pleasantly unexpected cocktail, combine dooms day paranoia with a dash of Christian ideals and a heavy sprinkling of Nicolas Cage.  The forthcoming remake of the Christian-themed, pseudo-disaster film Left Behind is already a whirlwind of intrigue, strengthened by recent casting news that has been revealed.  Deadline is reporting that One Tree Hill's Chad Michael Murray is currently in negotiations to fill the starring role last portrayed by Kirk Cameron.  Sort of gives new meaning to "left behind", wouldn't you say?

The House of Wax heart throb has primarily been working in television in the nine year spanning run of One Tree Hill.  In fact, Left Behind would be his first theatrical film role since 2005.  He will playing Cameron "Buck" Williams, a journalist who is left on Earth after the Rapture occurs and all believers are whisked away to heaven.  Along with jet pilot Rayford Steele (Cage), they lead a group of survivors into the chilling world of the left behind.  

The film, and it's 2001 original, are based on a sixteen novel long series of Christian-influenced epics written by Tim LaHay and Jerry P. Jenkins.  Aside from knowing that Vic Armstrong (stunt coordinator for The Green Hornet and I Am Legend) will be directing, no other casting news has surfaced.

With all of the Apocalypse legends being thrown around at this time, Left Behind could prove to be very enticing for fans of Nostradamus and Mayans alike.  The expanded plot of the book series deals heavily with faith after the Rapture as well as the rise of the Anti-Christ, who leads a nefarious global community.  It is unclear how many books or how much of the collective plot will be featured, though it is likely safe to assume that the film will tackle the first book.  

If that is the case, based what small part I've read of the first book, the film could be structured in the one week time frame that the novel conveys.  Then again, there's probably a reason I'm only writing about the movies.

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