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'Place Beyond the Pines' Trailer Takes Over Awesome Where 'Drive' Left Off

What do you get when you combine Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Bradley Cooper and Rose Byrne, besides an attractive group of people most of us would have sex with?  They're the impressive cast list for The Place Beyond the Pines, which seems to have taken a page from Drive's book as Gosling is again a stunt performer who also doubles as a robber.  One major difference I can see from watching the films first trailer is this movie will make it far easier to get emotionally invested in the characters' lives.

I absolutely loved Drive, so mentioning the similarities between the two films shouldn't dissuade folks from seeing The Place Beyond the Pines.  It looks suspenseful and should grip at the heart strings a little. 

In Derek Cianfrance's (director of Blue Valentine) drama Gosling is a stunt motorcycle rider, who turns to knocking over banks to better provide for his infant son and baby mama (Mendes).  This new found life of crime puts him on the path of a dedicated cop (Cooper) with political aspirations that intends to bring him down.  And they also throw in the great Ray Liotta as a dirty cop for good measure.

The Place Beyond the Pines looks like Drive meets Crash to me, two very good movies.  There's clearly more to this story than we see in the trailer.  Unfortunately, I don't have a U.S. theatrical release date to pass on other than the old "coming soon."

Enjoy the preview. 

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