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'Star Trek Into Darkness' Prologue Rockets On To the Internet

In a rather irritating twist of fate, I saw The Hobbit in an IMAX screening (a real one, mind you), and it happened to be one of the few in the country that didn't show the 9 minute Star Trek Into Darkness prologue beforehand.  Luckily, the footage has now made it's way on to the internet via cell phone footage for us all to barely see.  You can see it after the jump, though I make no guarantee that it will still be up by the time you read this.

My thoughts?  Mixed.  As an introduction to Benedict Cumberbatch's villain, it shows too little and shows it too slowly.  Certainly a far cry from the Bane introduction we got in the Dark Knight Rises prologue.  The other little clip we got featuring the crew of the Enterprise looked fairly compelling.  Sure, it doesn't seem to have much to do with the main plot (though we don't know that for sure), but it's fun and effectively shows the basic philosophical differences between Kirk and Spock.  I'm guessing that's a theme that will play a crucial part of the film's story.  I also really like the visuals.  The first Star Trek did a brilliant job of taking the original show's basic 60's aesthetic and updating it in a way that made it look credible.  The red jungle, especially, looks like a mega-budget version of a place we would have seen William Shatner exploring.  What do you guys think about it?

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