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'Trance' Pics Show Rosario & McAvoy Confused, in Jeopardy

Part of the Trance?

Hard to believe it's been years since we last saw a Danny Boyle film, when 127 Hours received well deserved Oscar play.  Now thanks to USA Today set photos of his new film Trance starring James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) and the super sexy Rosario Dawson have landed in our laps, sparking my interest in Boyle again.  Trance production is almost wrapped up, but these pics are a nice teaser for this thriller in the mean time.

The film is loosely based off a British made for TV movie, and stars McAvoy as an auctioneer of fine art who partners up with a team of professional thieves led by Cassel who steal the artwork.  Pretty simple.  When McAvoy's character is struck with amnesia and can't locate a lost painting, he gets a helping hand from a hypnotherapist (thus the trance) in Rosario Dawson to help jog his memory.

Trance will receive a March 14, 2013 theatrical release in Europe, though it's unknown when it will debut stateside.  The studio would be very wise to get a Danny Boyle project up and running ASAP.



There's Boyle, the master himself...Looks like good casting here, as Cassel is a proven big screen villain.  Hopefully we can get a release date for this sooner than later.

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