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Want to Know What A Zom-Rom-Com is? Check Out The First 4 Minutes of 'Warm Bodies'

The zombie genre, much like the creatures it centers around, has been slowly becoming more and more stagnant and undying.  Zombies have invaded film, television, comics, and video games steadily since the 1970's,  but the saturation of zombie themes have seen a sharp rise in the last few years.  Warm Bodies, however, is a zombie film that could breathe new life into the genre.  It's a zombie flick, but it's also a romantic comedy that tackles the humanity of the undead before they, and their humanity, decays.  Check it all out in the first four minutes of the film below, courtesy of Summit.

Warm Bodies centers around R (Nicholas Hoult), a young zombie who can't remember the rest of his name.  He spends most of his post-life life wandering around an airport packed to the brim with other undead like him.  The clip is narrated by R's internal monologue about the state of being a zombie and what comes next: evolving into the skeletal, ruthless Bonies.  The only interaction R seems to have in his new world is with his "best friend" M (Rob Corddry), with whom he shares a gripping series of grunts and few gravelly words.  His world is changed when he meets and falls in love with Julie (Teresa Palmer) who helps him feel more human again.  Based on the four minute clip, Jonathan Levine (50/50), the writer/director, is going to be cultivating a strange sense of sympathy for something this so often feared or brutalized.

Check it out the first four minutes of the film and get excited for when the film drops on February 1, 2013:

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