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'Hobbits' Win Last Weekend of 2012, 'Django' & 'Les Mis' Don't Stay Far Behind

With the last weekend of 2012, people flocked to the theaters to see the newest releases of the year before 2013 rolls in.  Or you may have stayed home to prepare for a party on Monday to ring in the New Year.  Option B is the most realistic but still many people did go out to see a movie before years end.  Django Unchained and Les Misérables debuted on Christmas day earlier this week with a strong opening.  But did they manage to dethrone The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey that had been reigning for two weeks straight?

The answer is a no but it’s a damn fight.  The Hobbit broke $200 million a couple of days ago and has been slowing down but not by much.  From last week to this week, the film dropped only 11%, earning $32.9 milliion.  The key to its run could be that it’s playing in over 1,000 more theaters than the competition.  It is playing in three different 3D formats and it’s a more widely familiar project with this generation.  Congratulations to The Hobbit for earning over $222 million these past 17 days.  Lord knows Warner Bros. needs it after the flop of The Dark Knight Rises.  Sarcasm doesn’t really read as well as I want it to. 


Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained squeezed into the second spot with $30.6 million.  This one deserves to be seen by everyone, at least that’s my opinion.  The film has been subjected to plenty of controversy, rightfully so, but that shouldn’t sway your opinion to watch it.  When Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds made $38 million opening weekend.  That film sparked controversy too but nothing like what Django has wrought.  Still, Django earned big this past week earning a total of $64 million. 

Les Mis placed third with $28 million, despite debuting big on Christmas Day.  Tom Hooper’s adaptation of a French musical has torn some people apart.  Some say it’s the best adaption of the play or maybe even the best musical, period.  Others have given it an A for effort but said it’s nothing to write home about.  That could be why the film opened big Tuesday and fell to Django Unchained this weekend. 


A film I had no hope for whatsoever, Parental Guidance placed fourth with $14.8 million.  I knew this film was coming out but when Friday hit, I saw no ads for it on television, no posters or billboards; I figured this movie dead on arrival.  The last movie that headed Billy Crystal was Analyze That back in 2002 and earned $11 million. 

Bette Midler starred in The Women back in 2008 and made only $10 million.  What kills me is that whenever a studio wants to make a family friendly movie, they choose the most unappealing actors for a young demographic.  And you can’t say for artistic integrity because critics have chewed this film up.  Also Jack Reacher placed fifth with $14 million.

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