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Watch the Original Three Minute Film 'Mama' With An Introduction from del Toro

You may have seen previews for Mama, a new horror film planned for release on January 18.  Guillermo del Toro's producing credit has given it much of its attention, no doubt, and Universal is engaging in a rather brilliant marketing strategy by releasing a version of the original 2008 short film with an introduction by del Toro explaining why he decided to help make it.  Check it out, but be warned: There's a reason this got so much attention.

If you ever find anyone who thinks that Mama is just another run of the mill horror film, show them this video. I'm pretty sure that will clear up the misconception they'll have. Anything involved with del Toro is the definition of "hit or miss", so I won't say for sure that this is a sure hit.  But if it can channel one half of the terror that the short film conjured up, then Paranormal Activity had better watch out.

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