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When Harry Met Spidey? Dane DeHaan Cast as Osborn in 'Amazing' Sequel

Dane DeHaan possessed some super human abilities in Chronicle and lost them big time for his role in Lawless.  Let's just say he was a little on the slow side as a bootlegger.  Well, DeHaan gets another big chance now, playing Harry Osborn to Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man in the upcoming sequel, according to the actor's own twitter account. 

DeHaan will now officially step in as Harry Osborn son of Oscorp founder Norman Osborn, otherwise known as the Green Goblin.  Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx has been raving about his chance to portray Electro, while Descendants star Shailene Woodley has also signed on as Spidey's BFF and future lover Mary-Jane Watson

Now back to the addition of DeHaan.  The young actor will inevitably be compared to James Franco's performance as Harry in the last Spider-Man movies, much like Garfield experienced with the first reboot in comparison to Tobey Maguire.  I wouldn't be worried, DeHaan was great as an evil teenage super villain in Chronicle, which might've put him on the radar for Marc Webb's Spider-Man.  Kid has the acting chops to nail the part and become a memorable Harry Osborn.

I can't wait to see what the web crawler has in store for us on May 2, 2014 with other new characters in his path, especially Electro.

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