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Nicolas Winding Refn Directing 'The Equalizer'? Count Me In

If you‘re a regular reader of Get the Big Picture, then you know that we love us some Drive around here.  With good reason, the movie was so unique, dark, violent, quietly optimistic and just and overall well executed movie.  Most of the praise for Drive goes to its director Nicolas Winding Refn.  Refn has another movie coming soon called Only God Forgives, but as we wait with giddy anticipation for that movie, he may have his next movie lined up:  The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington…sweet.

If you’re like me and unfamiliar with The Equalizer, don’t worry, I got your back.  The Equalizer was originally a TV show that ran for 4 seasons in the late ‘80’s.  The show was about a guy, retired covert operations officer, who wants to atone for the sins of his past by helping people who are in trouble and can’t rely on the cops or any other authority figure to help them out.  Sort of like the A-Team but with a lot less cheese.   Sounds like a good vehicle for Refn and Washington doesn’t it?

My biggest hopes (and fears) about this project is this:  Washington himself and the studio backing this movie Sony pictures.  While Washington has come out of shell of late with roles that play against his image, hopefully he doesn’t get cold feet and let’s Refn do his thing with this movie.  The same goes for Sony.  Being a studio and wanting to protect their bottom line, and having secured themselves an A-list bankable actor on this movie, they may also get cold feet in letting Refn do what he needs to do to make this project really original and just flat out awesome (which it can be).  The last thing we need to see is a PG-13 Equalizer movie.  I just don’t think that would work.

But I have faith that someone at Sony and Washington himself realize what they now have in their director and let him do his thing.  The Equalizer is scheduled to start shooting in the spring of 2013, which I assume would mean a release in 2014.  Knock this one out of the park boys.  I know you can.

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