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Weekend Box-Office Results: 'Skyfall' Takes Top Spot on Slow Weekend

No one I knew went to the theater this weekend for one of two reasons: One, there were no new movies out this weekend that look good and two, the Pac-Man and Marquez fight was Saturday.  I went to my cousin's house to watch the big fight, what did you do?  Anyway, Skyfall made it to the number one spot this weekend but is that really an accomplishment since it only made $11 million?  Hell, I'll mark it as a success.  


Skyfall, like I said before, earned $11 million which is enough to edge it out over Rise of the Guardians.  Rise of the Guardians placed second with $10.4 million.  The most satifying this weekend was finding out Twilight placed third with $9.2 million.  And like clockwork, Lincoln and Life of Pi placed fourth and fifth with $9.1 and $8.3 million respectivley. 


Playing for Keeps placed sixth with $6 million.  This is the third or fourth film that starred Gerard Butler that flopped and/or failed to be a hit with critics.  What does this mean for Butler?  Is his career on thin ice?  I say no, and I hope not either.  He's a great actor with either a terrible manager or he's a poor at picking roles.  He needs to do three films in a row to show his acting chops, a film to show his range, and a film to show that he can still kick ass.  These films aimed at a female audience are killing his career time after time.  Maybe he should follow in the footsteps of Tom Cruise or Jeremy Renner, as actors who can kick ass and have the ability to take on any role.

Here's the top 10:

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