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Box-Office Weekend Results: 'The Vow' Earns $41 M But Can't Remember A Single Thing

I underestimated The Vow.  I guessed on Friday that The Vow would earn about $32 million but turns out it earned nearly $10 million more dollars with $41.7 million.  That's a pretty strong debut.  

Second place belongs to Safe House.  Yeah, you read that right.  The Denzel Washinton and Ryan Reynolds action flick earned $39.3 million dollars placing it above Journey 2 by just under $12 million.  I guessed that Safe House would place third with $15.7 million and of course I was wrong.  The reason I guessed it would place third is due to the films rating but I don't think that was a factor here.  

Journey 2 placed third with $27.5 million. Journey had everything going for it, it was in 3D, it had adventure, it was rated PG and it had The Rock but it still came up short.  It did make plenty of cash if you ask me, though.  

Star Wars Episode 1 and Chronicle made it to fourth and fifth place respectively.  Star Wars earned $23 million despite it being the most hated of the prequels but at least a whole new audience has the opportunity to enter the Star Wars franchise.  Chronicle earned $12.3 million, down 44% from last weekend.  


Here is the Top Ten.  


Rampart placed 33rd with $68 k. 

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