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It's a Beat Off! Trailer for Soon to be Hipster Fave: 'The FP'

Here, I’ll let you read the plot of The FP, give you a moment to let it sink in and then we’ll talk.

After hometown hero BTRO (Brandon Barrera) is slain on the dance platform by trash-talking thug leader L Dubba E, his protege little brother JTRO (Jason Trost) vows never to duel again and vanishes into self-imposed isolation. A year later, he's located by distressed former gang-mate KC/DC ('CRANK 2''s Art Hsu) and learns of the desperate state of The FP. Not only is the neighborhood in pieces; the villainous L Dubba E has his claws on Stacey (Caitlyn Folley), JTRO's ultimate crush. There's no other choice; our hero must return to restore order and regain the pride of his hometown. KC/ DC enlists guru BLT (Nick Principe) to school JTRO in the sacred art of ancient "Beat-Beat" technique via rigorous training sequences. Eventually, JTRO defeats enough low-ranking challengers to earn his cage match with Dubba E, and hopefully win back The FP along with the heart of Stacey.

So yeah, you read that right.  For the one person out there who wished The Warriors had more dancing, your ship has come in dude.  That plot synopsis doesn’t do this strange little oddity justice.  You need to watch the trailer.   It’s…out there.   But I’m not saying that in a bad way mind you.

The movie premiered at the SXSW festival in 2011 and is being released by Drafthouse Films, the distribution arm for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin TX.  So just in case you don’t get this movie, someone you may associate with, whose way more in the know than you’ll ever be, will scoff at you for not “getting it”. This same person may also verbally retort your dissatisfaction with the ever powerful “Whatever, the movie is so dank.”

Personally, I’m intrigued by it.  It has the same feel as the movie, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.  And if you haven’t seen probably the only good thing Keenan Ivory Wayans has ever done on the big screen, it’s definitely well worth your time to do so.  If you like it, The FP may suit you just fine.

Besides, how can you go wrong with a movie where one male character says to another, “I challenge you to a beat off’?  Classic.  The FP opens in limited release in theaters and on VOD on March 16th.


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