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Useful Tip When Holding Your Oscar: Keep Your Thumb Below The Bum

The Oscars are a few days away.  Can you feel the excitement in the air?  Billy Crystal is hosting.  My mom is pretty psyched for that.   So to really kick up the excitement to 11, posted this video on Oscar etiquette which features something that’s kind of a rarity these days:  Mike Myers being funny.   The video also features Kevin Kline, who apparently has been handling his Oscar rather poorly and needs a refresher course from Sir Cecil Worthington (Myers).   The video made me laugh and when you do that, you can sit next to me anytime.

On a quick side note, Kevin Kline is awesome.  And all I want for Christmas is for Mr. Kline to do another irreverent black comedy, because he’s quite good at that sort of thing.  I love you in anything you do Mr. Kline, but I’d get a tattoo showing off that love if you walked the black comedy plank…just saying. 

Now speaking of Oscar, some of you out there might be curious as to what I feel will be the winner, winner chicken dinner on Sunday evening.  So I present to you, a few of my picks for the 2012 Academy Awards:

Picture-The Descendents

Actor-George Clooney

Actress-Meryl Streep

Director-Alexander Payne

Supporting Actor-Max Von Sydow

Supporting Actress-Octavia Spencer…but I could see the girl from The Artist Berenice Bejo winning as well.

Original Screenplay-The Artist

Adapted Screenplay-The Descendents

Take that with a grain of salt, as I’ve been known to pick absolutely nothing correct in the past.    I could see Hugo winning as well.  Anyway, enjoy the video.  I did. 

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