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Haley Joel Osment Has An Actual Movie Role

Quick: Name five successful actors who started as children.  Even if you can do it, it probably takes you a bit of time, and it's no surprise why.  The "washed up child actor" is one of the most infamous Hollywood tropes, one that affected even Haley Joel Osment, the Oscar nominated actor who starred in the 1999 megahit The Sixth Sense.  He pretty much dropped of the map after 2003's woefully under-seen Secondhand Lions, but now he has a leading role in the sci fi mystery I'll Follow You Down.

According to Ain't it Cool News, "Osment will play "Erol" the son of a missing scientist who discovers years later what exactly might have happened to his pop."  It will be directed by Richie Mehda, director of the award winning film Amal. Sounds interesting enough.  I wonder if Osment's acting skills have carried over from all of these years, even if his career hasn't.  Oh, and if you haven't seen Secondhand Lions, what's wrong with you?  Go see it.

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