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Chevy Chase & Dan Aykroyd Dust off Comedy Cobwebs for Planned New Movie

If you listen closely, you will hear the ‘yawns’ of every studio executive in the greater Los Angeles area.  Why is this happening?  Well it seems that Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd are pulling out the ol’ typewriters and are going to give comedy another go.  While details of what exactly they will be trying to pull off…comedy wise…are light in the details department, I would like to take a minute to ask Mr. Chase and Mr. Aykroyd to avoid the following story lines:

-Comedy about two just divorced men who suddenly find themselves in the modern world of dating.  Lots of jokes about Facebook, Googling and dating website mishaps dominate this movie.

-Comedy about two fathers who find that they’re children are about to get married.  Dan, the uptight conservative from Dallas, Texas and Chevy, the San Francisco based liberal, come to blows about over their kids and their own lifestyles. 

-The idea of having Chevy appear in Ghostbusters 3

-Comedy about politicians who, despite their differences, begrudgingly join forces to stop an evil corporation from monopolizing a certain business sector.  Chevy this time would be the Texas conservative and Aykroyd the California liberal. 

-Caddyshack 3

So where does that leave two guys who the last time they were truly funny was during the Reagan administration?  It pains me to say this but they may have to look at …a sequel to Spies Like Us.  With every other film from the 80’s being remade (and there was talk a few years back about Spies getting remade) the announcement that Midnight Run may get a sequel and the overall appetite of Gen-Xer’s love of nostalgia, why not?  Look guys, do you really want a couple of young punks “re-imagining” what may be the highlight of your comedy film career?  I say take what is rightfully yours and get some sequel money baby. 

That’s not to say I would be excited about this idea.  In fact I would probably make fun of it and most definitely not spend the money to see it.  But I think it’s your best play. Godspeed on your quest to comedy gold and maybe, just maybe, you could hook up with Paul McCartney again and update this classic pop song…


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