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Ron Perlman in Transgender Film 'Frankie Go Boom'

This is as awkward for me, as it is for you.  The Ron Perlman from Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy and Drive is dressed up in drag for writer/director Jordan Roberts’ indie comedy Frankie Go Boom, in un-ironic fashion.  One can easily assume that the film “will not be sold on sex appeal.  At least when it comes to the advertising featuring Ron Perlman.”

I don’t know much about the film, but when actors take on gender-reversing roles there has to be some merit behind the film or this could be another White Chicks scenario… and nobody wants that.  Here’s the poster for the film, featuring Perlman:

The film also features Perlman’s SOA co-star Charlie Hunnam as “Frank, the tortured brother of Chris O’Dowd’s YouTube prankster Bruce” with Lizzy Caplan (Party Down) who co-stars as “the woman with whom Frank has a disastrous one night stand, leading to even more embarrassment and torture from his brother.”

Perlman also spoke of the film and the “insanity of costume” with Moviehole:

"You'll see me be the ugliest broad you've ever seen, in the history of womanhood. I can't wait to see it. I have not seen it yet, but it's quite funny."

The film premieres at South by Southwest in March.

Source: THR

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