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Another Lehane Novel Becomes a Movie Blueprint for Leo?

The Hunger Games is just a recent example of how a great book can be adapted into an even better movie.  Best-selling Author Dennis Lehane knows all about this, considering his past novels like Mystic River (won an Oscar for Best Picture) and Shutter Island became critically-acclaimed box office hits. 

Now Shutter Island star Leonardo DiCaprio maybe running back to the well, or so Warner Bros. hopes to green light a new Lehane novel, Live By Night for him to headline.  According to Deadline, the studio has bought the film rights of this unreleased book with Leo and a trilogy in mind.

Unlike Lehane's previously detective led and overly tragic dramas, Live By Night focuses on two families (one white family in Beantown and one black family from Oklahoma) through the turn of the century and the events surrounding it.  Warners likes Leo for the part of Aiden "Danny" Coughlin, an Irish cop who gets caught up in a political environment, specifically a worker's union movement during the Prohibition era.  

The odd part of this proposed trilogy is it will begin with the second book in the series, though it's speculated parts will be taken from both the first and second books.  Hmm...that's weird?  It should be noted that Gone Baby Gone wasn't the first story of Casey Affleck's wiry tough guy detective from that series either.

"Live By Night" won't arrive in book stores, etc. until fall.  Sorry Lehane fans. 

We'll let you know if Leo joins this developing drama and we'll hopefully get a release date in the near future.

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