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Weekend Box-Office Results: Katniss Wasn't Able To 'Think Like a Man', 'The Lucky One' Ain't So Lucky

After a prediction that Hunger Games would tough it out for two more weeks, until that other big movie, but it seems people actually wanted to see Think Like a Man.  Other analysts thought The Lucky One would indeed be that as it opened up in more theaters than TLaM but that wasn't the case at all.  

Both did manage to knock out the reigning champ for 3 weeks straight.  It's not so bad for The Hunger Games as it made over $300 million in the US alone and well over $500 million worldwide.  It became the biggest film for director Gary Ross and Lionsgate ever.  Not too shabby.

Think Like a Man earned a cool $33 million while The Lucky One managed to rake in $22.805 million.  The Hunger Games fell down two spots with $14.5 million, bringing its [US] total to $356,900,460.  


The most surprising this weekend has to be Disney's Chimpanzee.  This documentary, yes, I said documentary, raked in $10.205 million.  It's rare that a documentary can make the top five and this is actually the biggest debut for a Disney Nature film since earth which debuted with about $8 million.  I'm glad to see this documentary getting some exposure since the money for the tickets will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute.


In fifth place is The Three Stooges with $9.2 million.  This brings the total for The Three Stooges $29.3 million.  Here is the top ten courtesy of


1 (-) Think Like a Man Sony/Screen Gems Comedy $33,000,000   2,015 $16,377   $33,000,000 3
2 (-) The Lucky One Warner Bros. Drama $22,805,000   3,155 $7,228   $22,805,000 3
3 (1) The Hunger Games Lionsgate Thriller/Suspense $14,500,000 -31% 3,752 $3,865   $356,900,460 31
4 (-) Chimpanzee Walt Disney Documentary $10,205,000   1,563 $6,529   $10,205,000 3
5 (2) The Three Stooges 20th Century Fox Comedy $9,200,000 -46% 3,482 $2,642   $29,355,446 10
6 (3) The Cabin in the Woods Lionsgate Thriller/Suspense $7,750,000 -47% 2,811 $2,757   $26,980,172 10
7 (5) American Reunion Universal Comedy $5,231,925 -50% 3,033 $1,725   $48,275,685 17
8 (4) Titanic in 3D Paramount Pictures Thriller/Suspense $5,000,000 -58% 2,515 $1,988   $653,616,205 5,239
9 (8) 21 Jump Street Sony Pictures Comedy $4,600,000 -30% 2,427 $1,895   $127,066,000 38
10 (7) Mirror Mirror Relativity Adventure $4,114,000 -40% 2,938 $1,400   $55,205,753 24

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