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New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Featurette Reveals Inside Info About The Villain

The villain in The Amazing Spider-Man, The Lizard, has been getting dumped on since day one of his reveal, both for looking too realistic and too silly.  That may sound odd, but for a super-hero movie the two can go together.  For people already skeptical about the need for the reboot in the first place, it wasn't really the best reveal.  In a new featurette, however, actor Rhys Ifans and director Marc Webb goes into the origins of his character and actually makes him sound pretty interesting.

The early trailers seemed to imply that Dr. Curt Connors would be a straight up villain, but now it's clear from this that the filmmakers want to bring out the Jekyll/Hyde aspect of his character, which is probably the best thing I've heard about the entire movie as of yet.  I'm still not over my skepticism, but I'm looking forward to this movie just a little bit more.  We'll just have to see what happens when the film is released on July 3.

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