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Not One to be Picky, Nicolas Cage Joins the 'Wild Side'

I used to blindly defend Nicolas Cage whenever my sister would point out how bad his movies are.  My explanation was there is good Cage and bad Cage flicks, half decent and half complete shit.  Let's just say the last few years, an increasingly bad haircut and movies like Season of the Witch, Drive Angry, etc. haven't exactly helped my argument.  Now the choosy (sarcasm) actor has signed on to star in what could be his next gem, a new movie called the Wild Side, which also includes a cast of Johnny Knoxville and Juno Temple.  

In this particular film, coming from director Jesse Baget, Cage will play a villain, Odel who is on the hunt after a former beauty queen (Temple) who inadvertently took Odel's diamonds from a crime scene.  According to sources, Cage's character is a "self-described wolf", which means we'll likely see him acting like a wild man for 90 minutes if this movie isn't going straight to DVD.  

At least when he played a nut in Bad Lieutenant: Port Call-New Orleans it was entertaining, Wild Side, probably not so much.

With this current piece of Cage related casting news, I can now safely say about 80% of the roles he chooses suck.  Now I'll have to find another actor with a so-so track record of films to defend when his or her roles come under fire from my siblings.    

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