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'Dark Knight Rises' Soundtrack Track Titles Released

So, do you have your Dark Knight Rises tickets bought online yet?  I know I do.  But now, I have to just wait, hanging on to any miniscule detail that can tell what I'll be experiencing in a little over a month.  Now, we have something we can pointlessly speculate on: Soundtrack Titles! It doesn't definitively tell us anything that we couldn't have figured out yet anyways, but it's nice to try and read things into the titles.

The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack List

  • 1. A Storm Is Coming (0:37)
  • 2. On Thin Ice (2:55)
  • 3. Gotham's Reckoning (4:08)
  • 4. Mind If I Cut In? (3:27)
  • 5. Underground Army (3:12)
  • 6. Born In Darkness (1:57)
  • 7. The Fire Rises (5:33)
  • 8. Nothing Out There (2:51)
  • 9. Despair (3:14)
  • 10. Fear Will Find You (3:08)
  • 11. Why Do We Fall? (2:03)
  • 12. Death By Exile (0:23)
  • 13. Imagine The Fire (7:25)
  • 14. Necessary Evil (3:16)
  • 15. Rise (7:11)

I like the Batman Begins references at Track 11, it does a good job at making the trilogy cohesive as a whole.  Beyond that, we can sort of deciphire a three act structure (1-4 describes Bane's attack on Gotham, 5-10 is about Batman's initial defeat, and 11-15 is where he rises.) But that's just speculation on my part.  What do you guys think?

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