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Hasbro & Sandler Wed for Tonka Trucks Animated Movie?

Billy Madison, when Sandler's fun & games were still funny...

The once great Adam Sandler is an easy target for scrutiny these days, and does little to help his cause: Jack and Jill, That's My Boy, etc.  I thought he turned a monumental corner with Judd Apatow's Funny People, though this mockumentary of his film career led to Grown Ups  shortly after.  Looks like Sandler's troublesome path will press on with yesterday's news that he's aligned his Happy Madison with famed toy company Hasbro and Sony for an animated movie based on Tonka Trucks.  

He might as well move on to animation after butchering live action comedy movies for so long.  I'm sure everyone at some time during childhood owned or played with a metal and plastic Tonka truck or car.  These were great toys to play with in the sand box (my personal favorite) or to haul your action figures off to battle, but I never imagined this story-less collection of automobiles had the necessary makings for a movie.  

Clearly, Hasbro and Sony feel differently and will use Sandler as the engine to get this family friendly film in motion.  After all, one studio went into developing a Battleship movie with no raw materials to work from other than a naval fleet, instead writing the script around how they wanted to market the movie (alien invasion).  That will likely happen here with Tonka trucks, and in future movie adaptations for Candy Land, Quija and Monopoly.

I won't bash Sandler's decision to get involved in this movie, because it's well suited for his style at the moment (family friendly) and should keep him away from ill received comedies for a while.  His latest creation That's My Boy is his next project to steer clear of, though at least you could take the little ones to see a Tonka inspired cartoon movie and not be quite as annoyed by Sandler's over the top antics.

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