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'Prometheus' Future Becomes a Seductive Mystery

In the world of sci fi films it's always giggle worthy to find out that the creators are thinking ahead to something bigger...better...and Blu-ray flashy.  No there is not a firm release date on the Blu-ray/DVD of the newest creation from the mind of Ridley Scott, but sly image placement at just the right time is enough to make any true or new fan of the Alien franchise grab a hankie to catch the drool.

According to MovieViral, at the end of the film credits of Prometheus there's a shot of the Weyland Corp logo.  The corporate mongrel that has dominated the storyline of all 4 films.  Below the blaring brand is a date and website address which does contain...well, click to here to find out.

Now the questions start: what is this date?  Who knows.  Perhaps an announcement for the home copy of this prequel tale? Or when Scott releases an origin story of the infamous Ellen Ripley character?  And the 10 million dollar question on MY mind: why is Guy Pearce still in this excessive latex work that makes him look like the aftermath of a wounded Xenomorph attack?  Either way, THAT date is saved in my iPhone reminders list.  Thanks Siri!

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