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A Guinness Book of World Records Movie Could Set Record For Least Attended Movie

With what seems like every movie from 1980 on in some sort of remake/reimagine/reboot mode and the board game to movie experiment not really panning out (Thanks Battleship), the studios have no started to cast their gaze upon…The Guinness Book of World Records.  Yes, the book that champions the world’s largest nacho sombrero and the man with the longest mustache is getting the big screen treatment.  I’ll give you a moment to roll your eyes, let out a sigh of disappointment or shake your fists at the screen because this is happening people. 

Warner Bros has hired Danny Chun (don’t give me that confused look, you know... Danny Chun), a writer who has written for both The Office and The Simpsons, to fashion an action adventure story based around the Guinness book.  And yes, while it would be easy for me to sit up here in my ivory tower and bemoan such a ridiculous idea…and believe me I want to, it might not be that bad…really, it might not be.  People love a good adventure story so if Mr. Chun were to somehow come up with a decent story, this might be ok.  And while you’re at it Warners, give Nic Cage a call.  He might like something like this (read a step up).  And I’m pretty sure the guy will say yes to whatever you offer him.  I think all you need to do is call him and say “Cage, franchise, you in”?…homeboy is at your doorstep.

But first a decent story has to be crafted from this silliness.  Can that be accomplished?  Are you still shaking your fists at the screen?  Look at it this way; at least it’s not another remake.  This might be ok.  I’m wrong a lot of the time, so I’ll let you decide.   

Give us something good Danny, give us something good.   IF you want, please include a scene with Lil' Jon, who has the Guinness record for largest diamond pendant…for real.

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