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Red Band 'Magic Mike' Trailer Gets Down to the Bare Assets

I wonder if any of these dudes are wearing Axe body Spray?

Magic Mike is the second movie this year from Steven Soderbergh.  It is also one of his many movies since 2001 that I have failed to take a real interest in.  Homeboy's track record since that time has been real spotty.  Soderbergh, if you haven’t heard, is also going to retire.  But I may pass away before he actually retires. I may also pass away before the guy makes a movie worth getting excited about.   But let’s get back to Magic Mike shall we and its just released red band trailer.  All I can say is the trailer is pure….ass candy?

So one might be quick to say this movie is simply pandering to a certain demographic and given Soderbergh’s penchant for mixing up his resume, it wouldn’t shock me if he just made a two hour beefcake film (pandering).  The trailer lends a little credibility to the beefcake theory, but I don’t think that’ll be the case.  I also thought Haywire was going to be way better than it actually was…live and learn.  Magic Mike is also loosely based on Channing Tatum’s life before he became the actor that genuinely surprised me with his comedic chops in 21 Jump Street.  

Then comes the question, is this the one Soderbergh movie that I don’t go and see?  Yes it’s about male strippers and one young man’s journey into the life of stripping, partying and picking up women.  But as unimpressed as I’ve been with latter day Soderbergh and despite my growing lack of interest, I still support the guy and expect him to deliver another great movie.  Could this be it?  But it is about male strippers?  I don’t know, but I may not have to worry; given the release date (June 29th) and given the fact this really isn’t a “summer movie”, it could enter and exit the movie theaters quicker than you can say…ass candy.    

Any Soderbergh fans out there going to see this?

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