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'Sinister' Trailer is New but Still the Same Old House

Ethan Hawke’s new horror film Sinister just unveiled its first trailer courtesy of Shock Till You Drop and while interesting enough, isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.  Sinister tells the story of a typical American family forced to settle for less thanks to dire economic straits.  So much so that they can’t afford the property value on their current place and apparently can only afford houses that were previously host to a series of grisly murders.  They should probably find a new real estate agent.

Basically, Hawke plays a struggling writer who moves his family into a more affordable, decidedly spookier house with a gruesome history and stumbles onto a box of old home movies and unleashes unspeakable horror.  Mostly in the form of a supernatural pagan demonic serial killer.  Vincent D'Onofrio co-stars as the one professor ever that made a living off of a life devoted to the study of pagan folklore and demonology.  Do not go to graduate school for this, you will be sorely disappointed at your career prospects.  The whole thing is a bit of The Ring meets The Amityville Horror.

Scott Derrickson is directing and he was the guy responsible for The Day the Earth Stood Still and the semi-decent The Exorcism of Emily Rose so take that as you will.  Sinister is slated for release on October 5, 2012.

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