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New Barry Sonnenfeld Comic-Book Project Revealed

After wringing every last drop of fun from one comic with Men in Black III, director Barry Sonnenfeld is reportedly signing up for a new comic themed project according to Vulture. Apparently Sonnenfeld is interested in helming a project based on the classic Silver-Age series from DC Comics, Metal Men.

The Metal Men made their DC Comics debut way back in Showcase #37 in 1962 and were created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Ross Andru. The team is made up of six artificially-intelligent robots created by the brilliant Dr. William Magnus.

Some of you may remember Metal Men from its self-contained story in DC’s successful large-format project in 2009, Wednesday Comics, which was written by DC co-publisher Dan Didio and there was also the Metal Men 100-Page Spectacular that came in 2011.

Sonnenfeld has a history of showing much love for oft ignored comic properties, including the short-lived live-action TV series for The Tick in 2001. Plus people always forget that Men in Black itself was a relatively obscure series from the now defunct Malibu Comics, so this makes a lot more sense than you might think.

The team is made up of the leader, Gold, the fiery tempered Mercury, super strong Iron, the insecure Tin, the dense and loyal Lead and lastly, the beautiful Platinum, sometimes called Tina.

It's still really early in the process but if it happens, Metal Men has everything it needs to be a really interesting project. But I swear if January Jones or Blake Lively are even considered to play Platinum I'm going to be terribly upset.

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