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Promotion Seeds Planted on 'Transformers 4'

Aaahh the good ole days

Classics never die.  They just get remade into film franchises that never see the end of production because, they rack in so much money during the first installment.  For example: it has come to the attention of the movie world that promotion for Tranformers 4 has begun and although this is the 4th, it is for sure Bay's last.

According to Cine 1, a beautifully shadowed picture of Optimus Prime with "Evil will Burn" stretched across the page and a release year for this flick, hit the internet with enough dramatic force to grab attention.  Before the complaints start no: it's not fan made and come 2014 we get the final Michael Bay installment of Transformers.  Just take a look at this pretty little promo:

Words are flying left and right about if this is a sequel or reboot and personally: who cares. If we get one more flick with Bay sized bazooka explosions I won't complain.  Rockem Sockem robots galore! Should this is be Bay's final robot shout out before he throws, I mean relinquishes, the directors torch...then god speed and give us the good stuff!

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