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Sheen on the Big Screen Again for 'Machete Kills'

Viva la revolution!
Robert Rodriguez is known for over the top, fantastic films of violence and speedy camera zoom shots on his characters. The casting of his movies always present the best plethora of actors that accent his independant creative style. Having said that I'm sure everyone is ecstatic about the recent announcement of the tiger blood man himself, Charlie Sheen, being added to the Machete Kills cast list. Nothing says the best of Sheen like a little Rodriguez.  

Machete Kills is the sequel to the grindhouse style action fest Machete (2010) starring Danny Trejo and Robert DeNiro.  In completing the group of stars to contribute to the witty, humorous banter that Rodriguez is known for, Sheen has been added as the President of United States and now this film is on it's way to winning. 

This player becoming a part of the blood splattering track record we've come expect from the creator of Sin City and From Dusk to Dawn, pretty much guarantees bodies in the theater.  Who wouldn't want the chance to see Sheen on the big screen since his infamous breakdown and being voted off the Two and a Half Men money ship?  The best crazy man is back.

 "Bring me Dr. Clown shoes." - From the man himself

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