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Weekend Box-Office Results: 'Brave' Changes Abe Lincoln's Fate, Earns a Staggering $66 Million

It was a no-brainer that Brave would climb up to the number one spot this weekend.  The film even made $24.5 million on Friday alone, besting the Lincoln Vampire flick by about 18 million bucks.  Pixar hasn't had any trouble with winning the weekend despite awful critical reception from their previous film.  Brave has been receiving some great reviews, albeit not the type of reviews that their used to but it's a great start after that Cars 2 setback.  Audiences love the Pixar's newest female protaganist and that shows in this weekends results.

Brave made a stellar $66.7 million dollars this weekend, which is the fifth biggest opening for Pixar.  The other biggest Pixar openings are Toy Story 3 at $110 million, The Incredibles at $70.4 million, Finding Nemo $70.2 million, and Up at $68.1 million.  Those are some of the greatest Pixar films to date; if you're wondering where WALL•E falls into that, it places sixth with $63 million.  Brave is in good company among the greatest animated films of all time.  Now, since Brave is critically acclaimed and audiences are throwing money at Pixar, what is the fate of Monsters University?  Only time will tell.


As predicted, Madagascar 3 placed second.  Madagascar 3 has had a great run so far, holding the number one spot for two weeks in a row.  So far the film has made $157.5 million in its US run alone, which isn't so bad.  Puss in Boots' entire run in the US only made $149 million, so Dreamworks must be doing something right.  


Abe Lincoln: Vamire Hunter placed third.  I guessed this film would make less than $10 million, place fourth and become a huge failure.  Well, the film is still a huge failure but it made $16.5 million over the weekend.  The film earned $6.3 million on Friday and earned about $10.2 million on Saturday.  Its weekend total still didn't come close to Brave's Friday numbers.  Timur Bekmambetov's last film, Wanted, earned close to $60 million.  Both films alter realty and are based on books that have a cult following but it seems that our ass-kicking sixteenth president is still not as popular as an ass-kicking Angelina Jolie.  

Prometheus dropped two spots to number four earning $10 million.  Snow White and the Huntsman managed to thwrat off Rock of Ages, staying at the fifth spot for two weeks in a row.  

Despite a Four Abiding Dudes from our own Craig Deitz, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World placed tenth with $3.8 million.  After this, go read his review, if you haven't already.  


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