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Boo! International Trailer for Jessica Biel’s ‘The Tall Man’

The Tall Man appears to be one of those B++ horror films that falls somewhere in between mainstream and indie.  Jessica Biel heads up a mostly unknown cast for director Pascal Laugier and Image Entertainment.  With an September 5th release date, it also stars Jodelle Ferland (The Cabin in the Woods), Stephen McHattie (2012), Jakob Davies (Once Upon a Time), Samantha Ferris (Supernatural), William B. Davis, Katherine Ramdeen, and Kyle Harrison Breitkopf.

The trailer is in English with French subtitles in obvious recognition of its “international” status.

Biel stars as Julia Denning, a young nurse in the small mining town of Cold Rock, where several children have recently disappeared, rumored to be taken by a large shadowy entity.  After her own son is kidnapped, she desperately tries to unravel the mystery of The Tall Man and save her son.  The trailer gives a hint of Silent Hill in its cinematography along with an overtone similar to The Mothman Prophecies.

Laugier, who made a name for himself in the ultra-violent Martyrs, steps it down a few notches this time.  That may explain the fairly rich budget ($18 million) and getting Biel to sign up.  In agreeing to headline Laugier’s film, Biel obviously wanted to put the gruesome and scary memories of New Year’s Eve far behind her and while this film has received mixed reviews during its film festival run, it could be tweaked before it hits theaters later this summer. 

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